$50 Wallet Deposit


Load your wallet with $50 to make purchases in the shop.


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The Leafs Low-Down



Wallet System:

MediLeafs uses an online wallet that allows users to purchase products from the shop and earn rewards points on all transactions that don’t include deposits. To make a deposit into your wallet purchase any of the Wallet Credits from the shop. All information that is transmitted on medileafs.com uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSLcertificates, sometimes called digital certificates, and used to establish an encrypted connection between a browser (mobile) or user’s computer and our servers/website.



Email Transfer Mail Order Marijuana

Interac Email Transfer

When you choose to purchase a Wallet Credit, funds are processed using an Interac eTransfer. All you need is an email address, online access to your bank account at a participating financial institution and the email address we use for orders that will be given to you upon checkout. (along with the details and instructions on how to send an Interac Email Transfer)


Rewards Points(Leafs)

The Leafs system is just our take on a “Rewards Program” and “Leafs” is our word for “Points” It’s a very simple program and there are really only a few things you need to know:

  • How To Earn:
    • Earn Leafs on any product/purchase(not including wallet credits)
    • Earn Leafs by making reviews on your purchased products
    • By entering contests and various promotions
  • Where To Use Them:
    • Discounts – You may redeem Leafs to receive cash discounts at checkout
    • Leaf Only Products – Keep a lookout for special items and products only redeemable by using available Leafs.

Every month we have a new Leafs Only package that can only be purchased by redeeming your Leafs!

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