Affiliate Referral Program

The MediLeafs Affiliate Referral Program(MARP) is a huge opportunity to begin earning big cash payments for your referrals! With our Affiliate Program, you can receive up to $1.00 for each gram your referrals purchase in the future. FOREVER! You read the right. LIFETIME COMMISSIONS!

Entry into our basic Affiliate Program is free and is open to anyone, even non-customers! We will provide you with all of the content you need to get started. Banners for your social media, website or forum signature. If you own a website then buttons and links will be included too.

Seeing as that all of our products are top shelf including top notch customer service, it pretty much sells its self.

Sign-up today and start earning!

  • Basic Plan

  • -Free/mo
    • Earn up to $2/gram on ALL leaf purchases
    • Lifetime Commissions
    • Affiliate Area & Dashboard
    • “10% off first purchase” discount code
    • Social Content Package
    • Direct Link Tracking
    • Referral link generator

  • Affiliate PRO

  • $55/mo
    • *All Free Features Included*
    • Earn Commissions From Personal Orders
    • Customized & Unique Social Content
    • 1 x Strategy Consultation a Month
    • Standard Landing Page
    • Customized Landing Page Option (+$650 setup)

All Leaf orders made by your referrals will earn you a commission. Select products will earn you a %
With free shipping over $100 and a flat rate of $25 for anything less, your referrals will receive their orders in a maximum of 3 days
Real time reporting
Easily keep track of everything that’s going on. From your new referrals to unpaid commissions our dashboard makes referral management easy!